Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Emotibombs by LUSH

When I heard LUSH was releasing bath bombs for shower use , I was quite excited. I never get to use bath bombs and they look so cool. Now they were giving us cute little tablets of scent to use in the showers. I tried them quickly.

So far I have tried Up the Wooden Hill and Too Drunk.

Up the Wooden Hill was the favorite of the two. Even though it has lavender, it was a big fizzy burst of neroli and citrus with a small dose of lavender. Since Lavender is not a huge favorite here I liked that . This one had a strong scent and kept the bathroom smelling nice for awhile after. This one is the one to be used for relaxation and sleep. I can't say I slept better, but the nice scent certainly was soothing and appealing.

Too Drunk was very nice but not as strong a scent as Up the Wooden Hill. I was not using it for a hangover, but I liked the combo of notes. It seemed ginger-y to me, but there is no ginger, so I think it was the fennel and mint mixed . The other notes are sweet orange and marigold. This one is more subtle but nice.

Now one trick with these is too leave them in the water stream and then move them away a bit. You can make them last longer that way, even into 2 showers maybe.

The 2 other types are Sex in the Shower( jasmine and ylang) and Up You Gets( citrus)

The Emotibombs sell for 3.95 each. These are an indulgence and not a every day shower item, but for the pick me up, or evening when you need a special boost, it's good to have one handy.

I want to try them all eventually.

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