Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Scenes from Fashion Week

As I've mentioned I spent 2 days at Fashion Week in NYC. Here are some random images and sights( More items on hair/makeup to come as well.)

The Red Shoes display in the tent. Designers were asked to create their version of Dorothy's red shoes. These are uber pretty by Abaete.

A group shot of my invites. The Ports 1961 one is plexiglass and seriously cool. Unfortunately I couldn't get to the show.

The Havainas booth. The most popular spot around. Yes, they give away free flip flops, and yes, you wait long. This year's have the New York skyline on them. I went with blue ones.

Models wearing VOTE pins- for each other. To celebrate the launch of Modelinia, a website showcasing the models and their travels etc., buttons with Coco 2008 etc. were handed out backstage. I didn't get one, nor did I take this picture, but it sure is a cute idea.

The view of the tents from the window of the Total Beauty suite at the Bryant Park hotel.

The prettiest cupcakes in the Estee Lauder Salon , at a reception. It was a wow.

all photos by the beauty alchemist except Agyness Deyn by Jon Gurinsky.


Anonymous said...

Those Modelinia Vote pins are totally fabulous! I SO want one!

Anonymous said...

I saw the Modelinia pins at Fashion Week! Everyone was FLIPPING over them. Super cute idea.