Monday, September 29, 2008

Holiday Sneak Peek from Victoria's Secret

One of the cool things about Fashion Week is getting the first look at new items. Victoria's Secret Beauty unveiled several new holiday lines. Now I know, it's early to talk holiday but not in retail. These will actually be out in October, just days away.

Everyone was wowed by the new home line of candles, diffusers and soaps. These are different from past VS collections. This one has a very old fashioned and elegant look to it . The set of 3 soaps all smell really good( I especially remember loving the Cashmere Fig) and would make a perfect gift for so many people.

The new makeup is pretty as well. I can say that I've paid very little attention to the VS makeup line in the past. Getting to hands on sample in a no pressure way ( my store has super pesky salesgirls) was really nice. This new duo blush and the metallic eyeliners were my favs. I am loving the silver-y liner. It's not too silver, not too grey, and not too dark. Just medium and sparkly.

The new Home line consists of the scents :
Mandarin Woods
Vanilla Orchids
Cashmere Fig.

There will be :
hand lotion $ 18.00 for 6.7 oz
hand soaps $ 15.00 for 6.7 oz
solid soaps $ 28.00 for trio
scented candle$ 28.00
room spray $ 12.00
reed diffuser $ 28.00

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Anonymous said...

it has got a great fruity smell!!