Monday, September 22, 2008

New Solid Perfumes from Missoni & Harajuku Lovers

I love solid perfume, have since I was a kid. Suddenly and happily for me, it's getting more popular again.

I picked up a Harajuku Lovers in Music , but am thinking I may have made the wrong choice. It's just not smelling that good on me, and maybe I should get G which has the coconut. Now I see that the collection of solids has arrived at Sephora. Maybe I should just get them ? They are cute but also kind of too cute-sy , so maybe not. 60.00 for the set

On the other hand( literally) we have the new Missoni solid perfume bracelets. These are elegant and functional- good things. I prefer the Acqua to the Original, but both bracelets are pretty. The Acqua one has turquoise accent colors , the original the coral- red . These were inspired by Margherita Missoni's charms that her grandmother used to bring her.

These are 50.00 each and at Nordstrom, Neimans and Saks.


the movie mommy said...

I never really considered solid perfumes before. I have spray bottles that take up room or I might lose the cap...anyway not practical. Body butters are nice and compact but the scent doesn't last. But a perfume should last as a solid for sure. What companies make solids? I like Calvin Klein's One.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes certain fragrances don't work with your chemical tones and balances even if they smell gorgeous in the shops, i wouldnt worry too much. I bought Armani red recently but it totally didn't work on my skin. Like movie mommy I've not tried solid perfume, which brands are sold?