Monday, August 8, 2011

pureDKNY a drop of Verbena

pureDKNY is back with a new, second scent called a drop of Verbena, based on the Verbena -Basil variety of the plant.

Initially it's a burst of  bright lemon and  then quickly has a little hint of the green herb that that actual verbena plant has. I've grown Lemon Verbena and it does have a lovely smell. Nothing strong but it's long stems do have scent. The scent tends to be stronger when infused , such as in tea or in this case, perfume.  I really don't smell any basil in there, but I can't say I've ever smelled Verbena-Basil.
As a drop of Verbena  dries down it's less lemon and more herb but the citrus is still there  as well as a light floral undertone. By the full drydown it's definitely more stems than zest but still very nice and if you love citrus, it's one to try.

This is very green  and  refreshing. Nothing complicated and lovely for  the hot days we are still having and certainly fine for the fall to come.  An anytime, anywhere scent .

As with the previous pureDKNY fragrance, Verbena is is packaged in a bottle made from 100% recyclable glass  and with a 100 %  recycylable aluminum cap as well as the outer wrap being derived from renewable wood pulp and not basic clear plastic.

1 oz.  $45.00
1.7 oz.  $65.00
3.4 oz.  $85.00
Also available in Body Butter and Body Wash

On sale now at Nordstrom and
More outlets to come in September.


Larie said...

I bought this, and I love it :D I did not know that about the packaging, thank you for mentioning it!

Beauty Alchemist said...

Thanks Larie. You know I wondered if anyone wanted to know about the packaging, or would they be about simply the scent, so thanks for that comment.