Sunday, October 30, 2011

Albertus Swanepoel for Target


Halloween is tomorrow and Target has a real treat  for those of us  hat fans. Hatmaker extraordinaire Albertus Swanepoel's line  especially for Target hits stores then.

I think of Swanepoel as one of the triumvirate of amazing  couture milliners working right now, alongside Philip Treacy and Stephen Jones. I dream of owning one of their creations and while most are beyond my budget, each hat in the Target line is priced at $ 19.99. I hope the quality lives up .


There are 14 styles. Two of my favorites are Francoise and Ganache.  Either would make a lovely addition  to my collection of both new and vintage chapeaus.

What do you think ? Will be you hatting it up this fall ?

Edit : My Target finally got most of these. I haven't decided on a purchase yet as I love a couple but the quality as the commenters previously have mentioned is really good. The Francoise is especially nice ,  as is the more full brimmed styled one , Tabatha I believe.


theminx said...

I love both of those styles! Hmm...wonder if our Target will have any this week, or if the Missoni mobs will come out and buy them all up?

Anonymous said...

I have the gray felt fedora and it's so beautifully made--looks like it costs far more than the Jackson I spent on it. I think I'm going back for a second one.

They won't be in stock for very long...

Beauty Alchemist said...

Thanks so much for your input Anon. My store did not have them Monday , I plan on checking back soon or maybe another farhter store over the weekend. Glad to hear what the quality is.

Azalea said...

The Target i went to on Saturday in Kansas City had most of the collection. The quality is amazing! I only bought one. I was surprised it was 100% wool for $19.99. Looks like an expensive hat.

Beauty Alchemist said...

Thanks for the comment Azalea. I wondered if they were all wool. The price is definitely right. And everyone seems to agree on the quality.