Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Votre Vu SnapDragon Crème Pour Le Corps

Sometimes words cannot suffieciently describe how good something smells,  and I wish there were smell-a vison computer screens . Votre Vu's new Snapdragon Body Creme is one of those.

It's called a Citrus Drench and it is all citrus in a big way. If you love citrus and I really do, then you need to smell this. It's so good, with  a zesty blend of lemon, grapefruit and orange. No fake-ness here and  every so often I open the jar just to sniff it. It's totally aromatherapeutic.

Snapdragon Creme also happen to be super moisturizing using grape seed oil and aloe vera and is loaded with  antioxidants like green, white and red tea extracts as well as acai berry EHG, Vitamin E ,  and marine collagen.

$ 42.00 for 100 ml jar but a holiday set on sale from 11/1 thru 1/2/12 called  Snap Dew It! is $39.00 with  SnapDragon Beauty Beverage and SnapDragon Crème Pour Les Corps.


Traci said...

Dear Beauty Alchemist,

Smell-a-vission, what a great invention that would be!
And if you love the smell, wait till you see what it does for your skin. And just in time for the dreary days of winter, we can get sunshine from a jar :)

Keisha said...

I am getting moine on Christmas Eve and I just know I will fall in love again with each use of why I love my Votre Vu business!!!*) You write awesome!!! XOXO