Sunday, November 6, 2011

Bumble and bumble Straight

Straight is  one of the biggest things in haircare , right ?  Brands are now trying to bring you easier ways to go straight at home and Bumble and bumble has a new 3 part line to do just that.

It's no secret I love Bb products, their new  Let it Shine line has me addicted. But I wanted try Straight as, while I don't have frizzies, I do have ends the want to curl up even when I flat iron them. I was hoping this would  you know, straighten them out.

I use all 3 products, shampoo, conditioner and the Blow Dry Balm on the ends. What you need to  know about the shampoo is that you only need a little. It  lathers like wild( but is sulfate free)  and cleans well. The conditioner is a medium one that would get all but super dry hair nicely conditioned.

I like the way my hair looks after using Straight and it has helped keep those unruly ends  behaving  more. Volume is good, shine is good. The  heat activated Blow Dry Balm is light on hair and adds a little moisture. 

According to Bb all products use Concen-straight Technology™ (patent-pending), "which maintains hair’s natural integrity, as an answer to unruly hair. Pearl, Tourmaline, Brazilian Green Malachite and Sapphire Powders – plus heat – energize to loosen the inner s-bonds that give hair its natural curve. Polylysine, an amino acid, refines bonds into smoother shapes"

If you have the frizzies or flat iron a lot, this might definitely be worth a try for you. It's hard to wrong with Bumble and bumble.

Shampoo 8.5 oz. $29.00
Conditioner 8.5 oz. $32.00
Blow Dry 5 oz. $28.00

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