Thursday, November 24, 2011

LUSH Latte Lip Tint

LUSH has another great sounding lip balm for us.  ( Celebrate came out earlier for holiday). They've released 15 new products and Latte lip balm is one of the new ones.

While I have yet to try this , you can read what LUSH has to say :

"A moisturizing lip balm with a hint of fair trade coffee flavoring to give you a pick me up when you need it. This blend of almond oil, organic jojoba oil and Japan wax will give a moisturising boost to your lips whilst still being light to wear. The color is a subtle, ambient, Autumnal nude brown. Icing sugar, vanilla powder and vanilla absolute give it that delicious coffee latte aroma. "

Latte lip tint is $8.95

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