Sunday, November 6, 2011

Curel Ultra Healing Lotion

One of my  favorite body lotions, and that's really saying something when you think of how many I have, love and use, is Curel Ultra Healing.

What's so special? Well  it moisturizes like crazy without ever  being heavy and sinks in fast.  Then there's the scent. It has orange peel oil in it , so there is a very light orange scent, sort of like Tang.  I love citrus , so that makes it even better.

Now Curel has re-formulated things a bit  and added their  exclusive Ceramide Complex which they say helps to lock moisture in even more by replenishing ceramides.

 Curel Ultra Healing is a bargain too. At $ 7.99, the  bonus size bottle is huge at 16.25 oz , which should  last all winter  and then some.  I think my first bottle lasted through 2 cold winters , but  it was in rotation with a few others.

*Press sample (this time, but I have purchased my own  in the past)

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