Thursday, November 17, 2011

LUSH Golden Ticket

Buying a LUSH gift set this season? You may be giving ( or getting) even more than you imagined.

LUSH is giving away, a la Willy Wonka, 50,000 Golden Tickets inside their  holiday gift sets and by mail request.

If you  win one, I really want to hear, so stop back and let me know.

The details per LUSH:

We’ve got 50,000 Golden Tickets floating around LUSH land. There will be 500 instant prizes, including 10 GRAND PRIZES of an all-expense paid trip for one person to the LUSH factory in Vancouver, British Columbia! Because we’re not just another soap shop, this too is not just another contest. Our instant prizes include advance previews of upcoming product launches, exclusive products, a feature in our LUSH Times, donations to a charity of your choice, private parties at LUSH shops and a visit to one of our Charity Pot partners!

If you are lucky enough to find Golden Ticket inside your LUSH gift set simply scratch the box on your Golden Ticket to reveal a claim code. Log onto to enter your claim code and find out if you are a winner one of the instant prizes! Haven’t purchased or received a LUSH gift this holiday season? You can still participate in the fun! Fill out an entry request and send it to us at the address below to receive a Golden Ticket from LUSH by mail (available only while supplies last).

Golden Ticket Contest
8365 Ontario Street, Unit 110
Vancouver, BC
V5X 3E8

For complete contest rules, prize descriptions and limitations and other contest terms and conditions, visit


Anonymous said...

I just got a golden ticket too and found out I am a loser.

What bright spark in the Lush marketing dept thought it was a good idea to let 49,500 customers so excited that they thought they had won a prize, then had to log on to find out they were a loser?

it's Willy Wonky if you ask me. Why not just print the number of tickets that win a prize like every other competition on the planet?

Was the idea pitched something like this?
Marketing Expert
Let's print 50,000 golden tickets, so some customers might win a prize. About 500 of you, which is a . If you are lucky. Maybe. Like a big prize, you know huge. Not that big, but $500 is a big prize right? That will cost about $150 worth of soap to make, which is actually less than the cost of printing 50,000 golden tickets and the labor of sticking them in random boxes by hand.
Boss of Lush
I like that we only have 1% of winners, and 99% who think they have won are really losers. It is like the Occupy Wall Street banners right? I love being topical and sort of generous. Lets do it.

At least we could have won a 10 discount off our next purchase, instead of which all we got was disappointment. Not the best feeling for your best customers Lush You think we are all that excited over a piece of worthless shiny paper?

Beauty Alchemist said...

wow, sorry to hear that. I didn't think of it as so many non-winning tickets.