Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Erno Laszlo Blue Firmarine Night Gel & Night Cream

Erno Laszlo's Blue Firmarine line has been around awhile , now there are two additions, a Night Gel and a Night Cream.  Both are loaded with good for your skin ingredients, and while not of great consequence to skin, come in the prettiest blue skincare container ever.

The formulas contain Spirulina Maxima , which has over 70 amino acids to help build collagen. I remember taking Spirulina in a tablet form years ago. My holistic leaning grandmom swore by it. It was and is a whole food power nutrient and really good for you.

The Night Gel is geared towards oily skin. That's me . I was looking for a winter hyrdator that would work as my skin  needs a little bit more moisture now but  nothing heavy. So far it's been pretty amazing. It's a thick but light feeling gel that takes a few minutes to sink in. I didn't give too much thought how it was working until I  noticed my skin looked plumper one morning, and aha , I realized it had to be the gel. I notice a firming feel immediately on using it, with a burst  of moisture .Then by AM you are smoothed  and still hydrated but not greasy. Aloe Vera provide the moisture while magnesium  helps collagen building  and zinc is anti-inflammatory and known to help oily skin.

The Night Cream is a heavier cream for dry and dehydrated skin . It also firms and tightens while adding a lot of moisture  with shea butter , macadamia nut oil ,  sodium hyaluronate and blackcurrant seed oil. Amino acids, peptides  and antioxidants are the anti-agers.

Both are available now for  $ 225 each

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