Thursday, May 10, 2012

Lands' End Cotton Modal Drapeneck Dress ( With Sleeves)

Why is it so hard to find a nice short sleeves dress? Have you noticed this ? I have larger arms , so I am not a sleeveless candidate but almost every dress I see including plus sizes are  sleeveless. I know it's not me. I've had this discussion with a Twitter friend who has very thin arms, so size isn't her issue,  but simply prefers sleeves and was going crazy trying to find something  for a wedding this month. And the local paper had a story by a bride who wanted longer sleeves for her Jewish ceremony and only because Kleinfeld is doing a custom sleeve on a gown she loved is she saved from having to do a shrug over her dress.  We should not be reduced to always layering.  I get too warm to layer. One layer is all I need and that includes winter cold temps.

So when the Lands' End catalog arrived ( yes I still get a hard copy occasionally) , I was thrilled to see the new  Cotton Modal Drapeneck Dress dress. It had sleeves. Real ones too, not cap sleeves that  are hard to wear in their own way.  Thankfully this dress has  more going for it than just sleeves. It's a super soft and comfortable fabric blend of  cotton and rayon , comes in fun , bright colors  and will take you to almost any event save the most formal. Dress it up with fancy heels and jewelry or keep it simple with a necklace and  sandals.   Hooray for sleeves, say it with me.

Available now at for $ 55.00


Anonymous said...

Oh yes! Helen Mirren once said in an interview that if she ever had the opportunity she would design a line of dresses ALL of which would have sleeves (which you may have noticed that all her red carpet dresses do).

-- Lindaloo

Beauty Alchemist said...

LOVE Helen Mirren. Yes she does sleeves I have noticed and beautifully. She always looks fabulous. Now her designs would be worht a look if she ever did it.

Kathleen said...

Thanks for this post and dress photo. I grabbed a short sleeved dress from the Jason Wu for Target line earlier this year, but i think that may be the only short sleeved dress in my closet.