Thursday, June 16, 2011

Blondes, Chlorine and Green Hair- The Truth

I've already read in several major magazines about Blondes and Chlorine turning their hair green. I've also been telling people otherwise for as long as I can remember. Chlorine doesn't turn blondes green , it's metals in the pool water. Copper especially, but any high metal content can do it. Have the owner add metal or stain remover from their pool dealer and it will go away and the hair will be fine.

How do I know this? My family has been in swimming pool business since I was a kid. Mom is a platinum blonde and one of our dogs was blonde also ( and yes occasionally she  got green tinted). We always knew when we saw the green tint, that  there was copper in the water. I also advised customers   to do the same for years and it worked.

One  thing that can help your hair ahead of swimming is to run conditioner or a protectant spray through it before diving in . I know there are some shampoos on the market for after swimming  discoloration but I can't attest to how well they work as I've never used them. The discoloration will go away with regular shampooing but it will take two or three washes.

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