Wednesday, June 15, 2011

mark Got To Glow Gradual Self Tanner/Body Moisturizer

I'm all about the self tanner you may have noticed.  I like all kinds , gradual, full on deepening and ones that bronze and tan. It's equal opportunity tanning.

In the gradual department is one coming in July from Avon's  mark.  Called Got To Glow Gradual Glow Body Moisturizer  Lotion , this not only self tans but also has SPF 15.

I have the Light to Medium version and  when they  say gradual here , they mean it.   On my pale arms 2 applications yielded a tiny hint of color. But on my one week previously self tanned legs , the  color got a nice boost from 1 application of this. 

The formula is very thin , and lotion like, so it's super easy to blend ( just be careful not to squeeze out too much),  dries  fast, gives even color and has a nice, light floral scent and adds  a good bit of moisture too.

Available  from July in  Light to Medium and Medium to Dark   at

Retail is $ 14.00

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