Thursday, June 9, 2011

My Summer Staples

Summer brings it's own special makeup , skincare and accessories. With my oily , perspiring skin, nothing heavy will do  and I like to get a bronzed glow on.   I  also love big bracelets as opposed to necklaces that sit on a warm neck this time of year.

Here are some of my every day staples of summer. Links lead back to my original review if there was one.

Havaianas- I used to think what's all the fuss about these flip flops? Then I got a pair. Now I have 4 and feel like I need many more. Far more sturdier than most and  very comfortable .

Guerlain Terracotta LipGloss- They release these in summer for a reason, they're totally right for the season. Usually they have SPF , unfortunately this time they don't. But the new bright coral shade is sheer and juicy,  and really not overly bright.  Perfect for a  pop of color. Still using last  year's more neutral bronze shade as well.  Doesn't hurt either that the packaging is so hot.

Dusting Powder- I live for dusting powder when it's hot. They refresh, cool and add light scent. Right now I am loving Caswell Massey's Lilac and Honeysuckle scents and Penhaligon's Violetta ( when do you ever see violet powder ? I've hoarded my tin for years now).

Citrus Fragrances- As much as I love fragrance, when it's really hot I can't do the heavier scents. I adore citrus always  but especially in summer. There are too many to show all of here, but Dior Escale a Pondicherry and Acqua Di Parma Arancia di Capri are two tops favs. Lancome's new O d'Azur  and Annick Goutal's Eau de Hadrien and Ninfeo Mio are  others that get a lot of use.

MAC Paint Pots- Cream shadow rarely  if ever lasts on me  but Paint Pots really work well. Better than powders often.  They are easy  and look great. Favorite  shade is  Indianwood.
Chanel Bronzer- I have two season's past version but they've released  one this year too. What makes this bronzer special is the bands of color. Just a hint of shimmer  and not too dark. You can skip the darkest ones if needed ( I  usually do) and just swipe across the shades that look best on you. I use the bottom ones for a nice light tan look.

Ray Ban Wayfarers- I wore these when they were cool the first time, I wore them when they weren't in style  and I wear them now that they are back again. I've never stopped loving  my Wayfarers and that's that. (  But somehow they got left out of the picture).

Clinique Acne Solutions Foundation- Kept my skin in top shape last summer, helping to hold back the oilies  and acne . It'll be back in the regimen this summer too. No messing with perfection.

Sunscreen (of course)- Hawaiian Tropic  Sheer Touch SPF 50 , this really holds up in water, best I've used for that. Anything with Mexoryl in it. It's the best SPF. Currently finishing my Ambre Solaire from France and have an Ombrelle waiting to be opened. For face- Clarins UV Plus HP  -no moisture, just SPF 40 , mineral and plant based. You never even know it's on. Skinceuticals Physical Fusion SPF 50 is my second fav  for face.

Bangle bracelets- Easy to wear when hot. Less sticking to your skin.  This one is  made of Mango Tree wood .  These are super fun, tribal looking, comfy and inexpensive. I also have a faux Ivory $3 one from H&M years ago that I wear all the time.

Blue Topaz ring- Thankfully I bought good jewelry  back when it was really well priced . This ring came from QVC at least 10 years ago and is Blue Topaz set in sterling. I have another similar one but set in a simple band. These are great for summer as the blue pops with a tan, is a summer color and  they are bold enough  to stand without other jewelry or look great with bangles  .

Phyto Sun HaircareFor the past 2 summers the Phyto Plage Protective Sun Veil spray followed me to the pool. I use after swimming and run it through  my wet hair. It keeps it feeling soft and compensates for the drying and acidic effect of the water. If you have colored hair, it helps hold color in as well.

 What are some of your summer staples?  I'd love to hear .


chatchien said...

Violet scented dusting powder sounds lovely. I just use cornstarch from the grocery store. I am all for products that I can buy at the grocery store (because I have to shop there, I hate shopping) or ones that I can make myself from products at the grocery store.

The FDA must have approved Mexoryl XL recently. I can find Anhelios +50 SPF with Mexoryl XL at the drug store now in the US. I use it with +90 SPF Neutrogena for sunscreens. I can't use the Neutrogena on my face, it tears up my skin. I've got my eye on that Clarins product. My face can take titanium oxide.

As for fragrances, ever tried Bronze Goddess for a summer scent? That and Aliage are my summer scents right now.

Foundations---I still haven't found one that doesn't cake around my eyes or doesn't wear off after a couple of hours. I wore Bobbi Brown Moisture Rich SPF +15 yesterday. It was 93 degrees F and I was doing a lot of walking around outside, and I was sweating. When I was inside, I tried to repair the damage. It still looked fairly good except around the eyes.

Am I going to have to breakdown and visit the Chanel counter at my department store? Are there any really good, non-cakey, long wearing foundations out there with at least medium cover? Do you have suggestions?

My other summer rule is don't go outside unless it is to swim or pull weeds. ;-)

Beauty Alchemist said...

I have to look into the Mexoryl , I haven't seen XL here yet but that would be great.

I adore Bronze Goddess , I have a lot of fav fragrances and couldn't list them all. The summer list is smaller but there's still a good bit.

I love powder foundations in summer but not everyone is into them. Estee Lauder Double Wear powder or the liquid version both work well, also Clarins Everlasting and YSL Teint Resist. But if you use BB Moisture Rich, then the Clarins and YSL may not be enough moisture for you. All are medium or more coverage and long wear. It's hard in the heat with any of them. MAC makes a longwear too , Pro Longwear that's great as well as MAC Studio Fix.

Grab some samples when you are out and test some. That's the best way.

Good luck.