Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Cover FX - Say Yes To Skin Tint! Say No To Skin Cancer!

Cover FX wants to promote Skin Cancer Awreness and help you help your skin.  So throughout the month of June, Cover FX will be making donations to The Skin Cancer Foundation in United States along with fellow skin cancer charities in Canada and the UK.

How are donations made?

“Like” Cover FX on Facebook  = $0.25 donation
-Buy    Cover FX SkinTint FX SPF 30= $0.25 donation
-Buy Cover FX  BritePrep FX SPF 50 = $0.25 donation

If you haven't tried Cover FX before, everything that make is top drawer. Matte FX powder and Clear Prep primer are staples. Matte FX goes along almost every time I leave the house.  They also make great products for sensitive skin and for skin that needs heavy coverage of marks and discoloration.    Hit them up at or click on the image or links  above.

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