Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Pure Silk's New Shave Creams

Bare leg season is here and that means hair removal. For me it's  razors. Depilatories totally remove any trace of self tanner so they are out.

Even though I love moisturizing razors like the Venus Pro Skin I also like the close shaves of the Bic Soleil and Shick Quattro.( Yes like almost every beauty product I own, I have multiples ).

Sometimes those closer shaves can make your skin feel a little irritated which is where a good shaving agent comes in.  Pure Silk , one of those bargains that are really worth it, now has  new Shave Creams varieties . The new Shave Cream's are geared towards dry or sensitive skins .  The creams are thick but still foam a  little, but most of all have a  lot of moisture  and are made to counteract irritation.

Ingredients include aloe, lanolin and Vitamin E.   And it does work. In the past I had always used gels.  I use the Soleil razors a lot but have had my share of irritation with them , but not since I've used been using the dry skin formula. You have to love one a bargain.

Pure Silk Shave Cream comes in Moisturizing for Sensitive Skin and Moisturizing for Dry Skin  and  is available at most drugstores for usually less than $ 2. This week  it's at Walgreens for $ 99 cents with in store coupon.

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