Monday, June 13, 2011

Cover Girl Lip Perfection

Cover Girl recently asked me to test their new Lip Perfection lipsticks for  7 days and report back. They sent a nice shade selection and I went to town trying some of the shades. The new lipstick is said to increase lip's hydration and comfort level in 7 days  as well as being a full coverage lipstick.

Lip Perfection  reminds me of  the lipsticks of many years ago, the ones our moms or grandmoms wore, that were  as I said above, full coverage and also loaded with pigment . To me, they are old fashioned types  with a modern edge. They sit heavier on the lips than most I am used too, but yet have  a light feel as well. And the heavy duty moisture is  a modern touch that is great.

This is one of those rare , pretty much never happens ,times when I am going to say I like the satin finish better than the shimmer. The shimmer is pearl, a heavy pearl and there's something   about it that just doesn't look right on me. I adore shimmer normally, if you read here at all you know that. But this is almost an opaque shimmer. The satin however is very nice. Not flat, it has sheen but no pearl.

The pigment  in Lip Perfection really lasts. I had almost a stain like finish on my lips after a couple hours wear and that stain lasted hours more.

As for the conditioning part, they aren't lying. These are  soft and softening. Creamy and moisturizing.  And that was right off from the first wear. They glide right on lips. As for my lips, well it's hot out, and I have no isssues with lips being dry or chapped right now, so I can't say if my lips felt much better after 7 days.  Will they make your lips feel softer if they are chapped ? Yes, they will. They'll be especially good in the cold weather, when you can really test out the moisture benefits.

Lip Perfection is in stores now  , and available in 42 shades.

Shown , top to bottom , are  Delight , Kiss and Feline.

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