Sunday, March 10, 2013

Nivea Kiss Of Smoothness Lip Butters

 New lip moisturizing goodness coming your way. These new lip butters from Nivea are simply delish. Kiss of Smoothness lip butters come in 4 varieties with 3 flavors and one plain. All are super emollient and feel great on lips. Almond Oil and Shea Butter  make them one of the nicest lip balms/butters I've used in awhile.

I love that they aren't heavy on lips but work incredibly well. One application will last hours and keep lips feeling good much of the day. These have no color or tint and just a tiny bit of sheen on lips.

There are 2 flavor stand outs- Vanilla & Macadamia Kiss and Raspberry Rose Kiss.  The other 2 are Caramel Cream Kiss and Smooth Kiss.  Before testing I expected the caramel to be my fav, but the flavor and scent wasn't very strong.  On the other hand the nutty, vanilla cream Vanilla & Macadamia  is ,  and it's my top pick here. The Raspberry Rose  has a strong raspberry flavor  with little rose. This one is tinted pink in the tin, but leaves no color on lips. Smooth Kiss is unscented .

Likely you you won't pick wrong with any of these tins, priced at $ 3.99 .

Each tin is .59 oz . and a little goes a long way , so you don't need a lot  each time you use them.


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