Thursday, March 14, 2013

Remington T Studio Silk Ceramic Hair Dryer & Hot Rollers

Looking for a  new hair dryer or how about hot rollers? Remington has a new line with these as well as curling wands and flat irons.

I've been on the lookout for hot rollers. Now that my hair is long I can use them.  And if you want a truly big hair look, rollers are the way to go. I tried the old set hiding in  the closet but no go. The clips wouldn't hold my hair. It was time to find something new. I even tried velcro ones , which aren't bad but need loads of time.

This new T Studio Heated Clip  Setters ( $ 32.99) set gets the job done and well. These rollers heat up in 90 seconds( although I do give them a bit longer just for max heat) and have clips that heat up as well for heat styling on both sides of hair ( beware though, they are hot on hands , just not as hot as the rollers themselves).  They set hair as quickly as 5 minutes but the longer you leave them in the bolder/stronger the curl will be. I usually go 10-15 minutes. Which still isn't very long. You can come home and want to set your hair for a night out and be done in 15 minutes , maybe less.

T Studio uses Silk Ceramic Ionic Technology  to protect hair ,  sealing the hair cuticle banishing frizz. As hot as these get I haven't noticed any damage to hair or it even feeling dried out.

Want your hair too look like Adele's at the Oscars? Try these. There are 2 roller sizes in the box, 1"  and 1 1/4 inches. 

Also new is the matching Hair Dryer ( $ 24.99) at  1875 watts of air power. The nozzle opening is 1 1/2 inches which is smaller than my other dryer. At first I wondered if that would make a big difference but it hasn't.  Hair dries fast and that smaller opening does work well for styling sections with a round brush.

The T Studio Silk Ceramic hair dryer has 3 heat settings , a diffuser and an ion generator light on the top that shows ion feature is active. The dryer features 90% more ions than traditional ones.

Remington's T Studio Silk Ceramic line is available at  Target, Wal Mart and Remington. My Target was stocking an end cap with these last weekend.

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