Tuesday, March 5, 2013

RoC MAX Resurfacing Cleanser

Ask me a beauty item I get get excited over and while I could surely say lipstick and naturally fragrance, cleanser, yes cleanser, would be right at the top. I love finding a good new cleanser.  For me, cleanser is  one of those things that really makes  a difference in my skin . Use one that doesn't get the job done,  and I can tell in a few days it's not going to work. I am particular in this area.

RoC MAX Resurfacing cleanser is my new find, even though it's been out for  6 months. I really like the Retinol Correxion Wrinkle Resurfacing System Duo and have been using that a lot this winter but I totally skipped ever seeing the cleanser .

This is an exfoliating cleanser with little beads that are not too harsh but not so barely there as to not even work ( I hate that). You don't need a lot,  it lathers just a little, has virtually no scent and definitely smooths skin.   Lactic acid is one of the ingredients and while it isn't on your skin that long in a cleanser , it still helps. Bentonite ( clay) is also in there which helps sop up oil.  It  removes makeup well too.  My skin is clean, soft and there is no cleanser residue left. It all rinses off to smoothed skin.

 RoC MAX Resurfacing Cleanser  retail is $ 9.99 for 5 oz tube  and available wherever RoC is sold.

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