Sunday, April 22, 2012

RoC Retinol Correxion Max Resurfacing System

RoC has a new dual system out to  help whip your skin into super shape.  Oddly, this was my first  time using any ROC product. I knew they were said to be good, but somehow  had never tried them. I do like to use high potency retinol , especially in the colder, less sunny, months to even skin tone and smooth before summer sun hits. Plus we all want to fight wrinkles, don't we?

The new RoC Retinol Correxion Max Wrinkle Resurfacing System contains 2 tubes of product. One is a retinol anti wrinkle treatment and the other is a resurfacing serum.  I've been using the duo for about 2 weeks now, each night and am happy to see results. It takes time for these things so I'm not all the way there but beginning.  The hyperpigmentation I am trying to work on has lightened a bit and my skin is even smoother than normal.

The Treatment Cream is moisturizing but not too heavy and has shea butter to combat the  dryness retinol can bring. (  With my oily skin, though, this wasn't an issue for me ). The Serum is a thick , slippery serum that goes on easily. Ingredients include copper powder.

The system is meant to renew skin and battle back fine lines  without irritation  and RoC offers it as a milder alternative to peels. They give you a time chart on the box with 4 weeks being the point when you should see the most difference. As I've said before , with these products you need patience for the full results.

The bottom line- this seems to really help skin get a  smooth look and a glow and it's nice that it's a mass market choice  really well priced at approx. $ 29.99.

You can read more from RoC here

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