Thursday, April 19, 2012

Ralph Lauren Big Pony For Women Collection

Ralph  Lauren has released a set of Big Pony fragrances for women after the successful debut of a men's line last year.   Like the mens, each bottle has a color, number and a "mood" like Sporty or Stylish.   While  we  fit  all of the moods, we might not all fit each fragrance so there are 4 to choose from.  All sound rather fun and I'm enjoying the one I've tried -Free Spirited , #3 Yellow.

While there isn't a full note list for each scent, the two main notes listed do give a decent idea of the scents , at least as far as I can see with Yellow # 3. These are light , fresh and  will work nicely with the warmer weather arriving. They can be freely spritzed without worrying about overkill and refreshed throughout the day.

#3 Free Spirited is very sunny as befits it color and is a nice light floral tinged with  the pear note. It's not a juicy floral but more solar and without the heavy dewy notes that we often see in this type of  scent that are not my favorite.

I look forward to also trying #1 since I adore grapefruit. The blue lotus worries me a bit but we'll see.

 Also, RL has  done a  personality quiz as well as a chance to sneak peek the brand new , not yet released, song and video by One Republic, for the Big Pony campaign . If you take the quiz and post to a social media site, you are entered to win a $4,000 Ralph Lauren shopping spree.  The video, called Life in Color, features brightly clothed pretty things, polo ponies and vintage cars. Yes, it's the Hamptons. Cast of Revenge not included.

Here's the offical description of each Big Pony scent.

The Sporty Fragrance - #1 BlueThis Floral Citrus scent features Grapefruit & Blue Lotus for a vibrant energetic fragrance that evokes confidence and energy while awakening the sense. Confident and fearless, the sporty woman is a natural born leader and ready to take on the world.

The Sensual Fragrance –  #2 Pink
A Floriental Fruity with the key ingredients of Cranberry & Tonka Mousse, this fragrance is for an alluring flirt with a romantic spirit. Playful and irresistible, this modern woman follows her heart…and she just might break yours.

The Free-Spirited Fragrance –  #3 YellowEccentric, rebellious and independent, this Floral Green fragrance highlights Pear & Mimosa. The crisp, bright scent represents ultimate optimism and natural feminine radiance for a woman who dances to the beat of her own drum.

The Stylish Fragrance –  #4 Purple
Edgy and refined, with a flair of the exotic, this Oriental Floral contains key ingredients of Wild Cherry & Purple Amber. Designed for the stylish woman, she catches the eye and imagination of anyone who crosses her path.

Each fragrance is $70 for 100ml and  currently available exclusively at Bloomingdales, and Ralph Lauren retail locations . More  department stores will have it shortly.

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