Monday, April 2, 2012

MAC In Extra Dimension Eyeshadows & Skinfinish

I am excited in  a big way about MAC's In Extra Dimension line. It's all the things I love- metallic, gold, bronze . For those who want other colors, they are there too. It's HOT.

In Extra Dimension uses a totally new technology according to MAC called Light Powder.  These new powders offer you  " the blendability of a liquid, the smoothness of a cream and the wear of a powder " They say  there is pure pigment with no white or muddy undertones.

 What do I say ? These pack rich pigment and are so smooth and silky that you can't even feel them on skin.  They also blend really well as promised. They are a great way to make yourself look all shimmery and golden like you've been lounging in St.Tropez without leaving the house.

Young Venus, Havana, Lunar, Warm Thunder

The Skinfinish are all  metallic earth tones. The boldest, copper Glorify, can easily be worn as a blush if you're not afraid of the  metallic sheen, which I'm not.  The others, Whisper of Gilt and Superb are lighter in pigment and more for highlighter . The thing here is that these apply so smoothly. No glitter pieces, no accentuating fine lines etc.  

Whisper of Gilt, Glorify,Superb
All can be used on eyes as well and look quite good on them I think . If you loved Indianwood Paint Pot, these remind me of that on eyes, although the shades are obviously not quite the same.

MAC In Extra Dimension is on counter April 5th .

Skinfinish is $ 28.00
Eye Shadow is $ 20.00


socialitedreams said...

superb is....superb!

Beauty Alchemist said...

I agree, Socialite. Glorify is my fav but I love them all.

Jullianna B said...

I enjoyed reading your blog.Really looking forward to read more. Want more.