Sunday, April 29, 2012

Australian Gold Sheer Coverage Spray SPF 15 with InvisiDry

Are you ready to stock up on SPF ?  I am. It's going into the 80s again here this week and I know many other places will be the same. There's lots of new out there, so let's look today at Australian Gold's new SPF with InvisiDry technology.

This is a light mist that does just what the names says- dries fast  . We like that right ? Not sticky mess on arms, back  etc. You can spray and go. It dries so much that after 10 seconds  you can't even feel it on skin. According to Australian Gold the ingredients  for this technologuy include a blend "of Silica Microspheres, Silicone and an Emollient Ester"

 There is a very slight scent but not much. It's oil free and labeled water resistant for 80 minutes per the new guidelines.

I see this one  as a good one for the men as well, since I hear  from them when sunscreen is sticky and they end up not using it sometimes because of that.

Retail is  $ 11.99 for SPF 15 or 30. There are also creams and one for face in this new line.

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Anonymous said...

I've never seen this brand in Australia! It looks like it's developed specifically for the overseas market!

Thanks for sharing

The Beauty Alchemist said...

Yes it is a US brand, I think they just wanted to use Aussie in the name. It sounds good , has a nice ring to it.