Sunday, April 1, 2012

Boots & Vichy European Market Sunscreen Oils

This is one of those why don't we have this here in the US posts. With all the myriad amazing products we have, there are still many that we've yet to get on our shores.

 I recently read about the new addition to Boots sunscreen dry oils , SPF 50. I had no idea they had any dry oil sprays, and further reading shows that Vichy has a lower SPF 20 one with Mexoryl XL.  These all sound great , sunscreen oil is something many of us love but have had to put aside since it's rare to see high SPF. Oil gives your skin moisture as well as helping the SPF adhere to skin  longer in water.  Plus, I just love dry oils, period.

 Alas, these are only available  overseas.  We really need to get more of these top sunscreens here in the US. Will it ever happen ? I don't know.

If you want an oil here Hawaiian Tropic makes them,  but the highest SPF is only SPF 12.

Any of my Europe /Asia based readers  have used the Boots/Vichy and know if they are good  ?  Feel free  to weigh in.

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