Friday, March 22, 2013

The Wet Brush

You know when  you see a new product and  it seems like a neat idea, but you're  skeptical ? Well The Wet Brush was one of those items. It looked good, but was it really ?  Only one way to tell and that was to test run it.

The Wet Brush  looks pretty much like most brushes out there, but it is made to be used on wet hair as well as dry. It's supposed to detangle quickly and without any pulling on wet hair.

Does it work? Yes, it most certainly does. It slipped through my wet  hair easier than a comb. I have thick hair but it's not to prone to knots. Some at the back but that's it so I didn't have to worry about knots for the most part .  I have to say I was impressed  and it works well on dry hair too, gliding through easily.

 What makes it work on wet hair ? The creators say it's "intelliflex" bristles, that are ultra thin and flexible, bending as needed and snapping back.It works on thick or thin hair.

 The Wet Brush  is great as an every day brush but would be also be just the thing for gym bag or  by the beach or pool.  Mine is going straight into the bag with the poolside gear . I always mess with my hair a little after swimming and usually just have a small comb handy. This will be so much better.

The Wet Brush is $ 14 and comes in many colors or patterns.

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GalileosDaughter said...

I got this to use and it definitely works on curly hair. Very pleased.

Beauty Alchemist said...

Thanks for the feedback Galileo. Good to know it works for curly hair too.

Meg P. said...

Yup, my hair is a bit on the thick and curly side as well. Have had nightmares with other brushes and ended up taking off more than a few strands of hair during a brushing session. This one worked like a charm.

Beauty Alchemist said...

Hi Meg . Yes, a brush pulling out hair is no good. We've all had ones that do that . Thanks for the comment.