Monday, December 3, 2007

Body Shop Cranberry Diffuser

I look forward each year to the Holiday release of The Cranberry line from the Body Shop. The smell is simply one of the best. When I saw that a reed diffuser had been added for this year, I was anxious to try it. Anything that would keep that Cranberry scent going all the time, unlike a candle. I do have the scented oil, but even that needs refreshed often. A diffuser would work all the time.

I have had it up and out for a week now, and have not flipped the reeds. I can still get a good whiff of the Cranberry. It was really strong at first and lovely. The set comes with a good size jar of oil, a square glass container to hold oil and reeds. There is enough there to last quite awhile.
The whole house smells of this, as the scent really wafts everywhere. I haven't done much with diffusers in the past, so I am glad I tried this, and I think I need to stock up on more, since it's a seasonal item. I also keep thinking of more people who would love this for a gift. ( This is the perfect hostess gift , by the way).

The Body Shop has a large line of Cranberry scented products, and also new this year is hand lotion and hand soap which are also big on the " to try " list .

The Diffuser is 22.00 and available at stores , online and through the Body Shop at Home.

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