Thursday, February 10, 2011

Phyto Hair Volumizing Line

Winter brings hat hair. We have  full hair, then we need a hat and soon it gets a bit smushed. I like wearing hats and  have some many nice ones. Don't like hat hair.  This winter I decided to fight hat hair  by adding some volume products to my routine.  And  I  gave the  volumizing line  by one of my favorite  brands, Phyto a try.  They make amazing haircare and their Phyto 7 Daily  Leave In Hydrating  Creme is a staple  and one of the best I've used.

 Phyto's Volumizing line consists  of  Phytovolume volumizer shampoo,Phyto Intense Volume Mousse, Phytovolume Actif volumizer spray and Phytodensium mask.

I didn't try the mask yet, but all the other products do a  bang up job , and you don't have to use them all. Just using the Volimizer spray at the roots will make a huge difference, but adding in the shampoo/conditioner combo is even better.

One thing that sets the Phyto shampoo apart from many other volumizing types, is that it has ingredients like yarrow to thicken hair. There is a difference between  volume and thickness. My  very fine haired  mom will tell you this as she's been though all the volume giving shampoos out there. ( She loves the Phyto and in fact , happily made off with my stash ).

The volume here lasts long which is another bonus and your hair feels conditioned and soft, but not weighed down. I love ,too, that there's a mousse. Mousse was big for years then disappeared. Mousse generally works so I'm happy to see it  making a comeback.

I am intrigued by , but as I said , didn't try the mask. It's said to regenerate hair with grapeseed and black currant seed oils. And has botanical proteins to thicken hair. I think that's far more moisture than my hair needs, but for fine hair,  worth trying.

You can see more at
 ( the volume line is under "lifeless" hair and "styling").  Phyto is also available at Ulta stores.

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