Monday, April 25, 2011

Marc Jacob Splashes - The Cocktail Collection

This year's Marc Jacobs Splashes  are based on cocktails. They are LE as usual and still in their signature large bottles. These can easily be used a body spray or splash  , as although they do last longer than the previous  years versions I've tried , they still  need  to be refreshed throughout the day if you want them to go long distance.

Curacao is a bright citrus blend with plenty of lime and  orange but  other notes that hint at more  ( apricot and white moss) and make it a breezy summer fragrance that reminds  a bit of the blue liquor it's named for and the little zing it gives mixed tropical drinks.

Cranberry begins with yes, cranberry. A tarter one, not super sweet and  then the red currant . A little musk comes along and it  dries down to a  tart fruit and musk  scent.

Ginger is  citrus-y spice and more masculine  with hints of the coriander and cognac oil notes. Easily unisex this is  one to feel cool on hot days. It's refreshing  and not sweet .

Available now .
$68.00 for 300 ml at Sephora and Macys

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