Saturday, October 22, 2011

Clarins Vital Light Serum

I loved the Vital Light line from Clarins last year which consisted of Day and Night Cream. While the Night Cream was more emollient than I needed , the Day Cream was perfect for me both day and night during the winter months.

However, I love serums even more than creams, so the new Vital Light Serum goes one better in my book.

Not only is this said to  help to brighten ( which it does) but it also feels very firming on the face as well. This is more moisturizing than most serums I've used . That makes it great for those who need more moisture.  The Mom has been using it as well and  it's working for her. She too, used Vital Light Day all winter  and was very sad to see the bottom of  the jar. 

Vital Light  Serum uses the active molecule hexylresorcinol to battle dark spots . It's less irritating than hydroquinone, but just as effective.( As for me, I felt no irritation at all, but my skin rarely  does, thankfully). Clarins patented plant extracts are in there as well . Perfect for by itself use for us oily skinned gals and  great under a day or night cream for everyone else.

$ 85.00 for 1 oz at

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