Thursday, November 10, 2011

Forever 21 Spring 2012 Preview

 I know it's not even winter  but Spring previews are coming.  Forever 21 had theirs this week and they have divided  it into several themes which they made up as vignettes  for the preview. I am  fond of the  Tea Room motif but Retro 20's  is rather fun too. The 20's will be a theme  for Spring across the board , so be on the lookout.

The Tea Room

- Kimono sleeves
- Large floral prints
- Flowy/relaxed materials
- Sheer
- Chiffon

Retro Revival

- 20’s/30’s beach chic influence
- Bold prints
- Tailored pieces
- Stripes
- Polka Dots
- High-waisted trousers
- Midi length dresses and skirts

Search & Destroy

- Grunge
- Fringe graphic tees
- Distressed denim
- Studs
- American flags
- Large open knit sweaters

Sixties Doll

- Lace
- 60’s shapes and silhouettes
- Pastel colors
- Girly (not granny)
- Peter pan collars
- Neutrals


Josie said...

Wow, I feel so mainstream now - I like the sound of all of these styles...:) The tea room and 60's doll seem especially lovely.

Beauty Alchemist said...

LOL Josie. I hear you . The nice thing is mainstream is so inexp. too in this case but also nice .