Thursday, June 12, 2014

mark Black Gleam Sandals

Summer means new sandals among other things.  I am into mark's new Black Gleam sandals at the moment. While Elle online recently talked about how hot black and gold accessories are now,  I pretty much always think  it's a great combo and eye every pair of shoes with gold metal accents I see.

 Black Gleam gives you the look of metal on the front detail but without the metal. That shiny gold strip down the front is actually flexible material.  It helps to keep these sandals very lightweight  but doesn't take away from the look. There is also gold trim at the bottom front , at the buckles , the back zip and my fav part, around the heel.

The rest of the shoe is a faux suede like material. The heel height is is 1 inch.

Size wise, they don't come in half sizes so I went up to the next size. They are a bit big but I do like to use an insole when I can and that leaves me room for one.

mark Black Gleam Sandals are $ 38 at

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