Sunday, January 3, 2016

BRÖÖ Craft Beer Shampoo & Conditioner

There's a new Brew in town,  but it's just for your hair.  Beer isn't a new thing for hair but I haven't seen it used for awhile. Anyone else remember the beer shampoo from the late '70s  Body On Tap ? Kim Basinger was the face of the ads.  I was quite little and thought the idea of being able to use "beer" on my hair the coolest thing.

BRÖÖ uses craft beer in their formulas along with , in the Moisturizing duo, shea butter , malted barley, hops and caffeine. The scent is not of beer per se, but it is very hoppy along with  herbs . It smells pretty good and works even better.

The Moisture duo got my hair very clean  while keeping it hydrated and very soft. It moisturized well but didn't overly weigh hair down .  I also noticed that my hair's natural color seemed brighter. There was a definite difference in the brightness and shine using this.

There is also a Thickening version. Thickening  has much the same ingredients as Moisturizing minus the shea butter and with Barely Protein for volume boosting. Same scent and it adds light body to hair.

Overall BRÖÖ performed as well as  many high end lines I have used. I'll toast to that.

All products are sulfate , paraben ,silicone, phthalates, dyes, propylene glycol and synthetic fragrance free. ( There is also an Invigorating version).

BRÖÖ is available at Target online and Wal Mart stores for $ 7.49 each.

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