Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Matrix Style Link Boho Air Dry Creams

With warm weather  here I can finally  air dry my hair most of the time.  I just can't give up heat drying when it's cold out and I  like the blow out finish . I also like the slightly tousled  look my hairs get when air dried so I switch up for the seasons.

Matrix new Style Link Boho Air Dry Creams  are great air dry helpers.  There are three formulas for whatever finish you're looking for. These latex polymer based lightweight creams go in wet hair and have light hold along with a touch of conditioning .  They work right into hair with no heaviness or sticky/tacky feel.

Texture and  wave enhancing  is what I want so Wild Boho is my pick. With this my hair dries with less "pouf"  and tackles any frizz I get (  mine is  fairly minimal).  It seems to settle hair but also keep  the waves I naturally get when air drying.

 Chill Boho for smoothing, does really help defeat any frizz and keep hair smoother than air drying often will do. It  kept my waviness down,  I was surprised at how less wavy my hair was with this.

Twisted Boho is curl defining and since my hair is more straight than not I didn't try this one. I am at some point thought to see if I can enhance my waves a little more.

 My one beef here is I wish the tubes were bigger. I have a lot of hair and I did need to use a good bit to get it all in. It'll be interesting to see how long a tube lasts. Then again, that's why there's an Ulta down the street , right ?

Matrix Style Link Boho Air Dry Creams are $ 18 at Ulta and wherever Matrix is sold.

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