Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Sweat Cosmetics Mineral Foundation

Easy to use , long wear and mineral powder based, that's Sweat Cosmetics Mineral Foundation, developed by pro and Olympic level athletes. While I am not the most active person, I still sweat , am oily and wear makeup off fast so this might just be for me.
The loose powder foundation comes in a small tub and that tub gets placed inside the twist up brush tube.  It has an end cap making it very portable.  And that's the idea, for those on the go , whether travel or active, this can be carried , used and put away very easily . 

The foundation itself is a nice, finely milled powder that looks and feels light on skin.  There is no oil or moisturizers . It has good coverage , medium  I would say  with a smooth, perfected look due to the powder.  It also gives skin just a touch of a glow.  It is  buildable too, with the brand's instructions saying two applications are best. 

I found this covered and filled my pores really well, which is something I really need and look for.  It wore well, all day without fading and  light oil breakthrough on the T Zone.  I haven't tested it in water yet or a lot of sweat,  but it is said to be 80 minute water resistant . 

It has SPF with zinc oxide  at 16.0 %  so it makes a very effective sunscreen too .  No white cast, no heaviness. Touch ups during the day over makeup are something I sometimes use it for instead of my pressed matte powders. 

The brush attached to this is not bad, but it's not the best. It's not as soft as it could be , not stiff  just not great.   You could use your own brush for times when you are home and have one handy. 

This is refillable also, with the small tubs being sold individually along with the full kit. 

Sweat Cosmetics Mineral Foundation is $ 42 and comes in 5 shades. 
Refills are $ 24 . Both at Sephora 

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