Monday, September 25, 2017

Bottega Veneta Eau De Velours

Bottega Veneta  Eau De Velours is the brand's Autumn release and it's very much a scent that embraces the chill in the air . It's cozy, rich , elegant and well crafted.

Eau De Velours , which is an EDP  , begins boldly with deep, dusky rose and pink peppercorn. The rose here is not soft, but lush and mature mixing with the other notes well . This is not simply a "rose" fragrance. Plum adds some non sweet fruit while spices and a touch of iris dance around.  This  retains the slight smokiness of the patchouli and leather from original Bottega Veneta Eau De Parfum, while being different, which gives the fragrance such a rich , bury your face in the velvet it's named for, feel.

By the drydown, surprisingly , this has settled closer to the skin than I expected. That said, it has plenty of sillage and lasts long. This is a scent that will stand up to sweaters, coats and scarves leaving them with a lingering scent trail.

It definitely makes  a great evening scent , it's dark , dry and sophisticated. I always say where what you want, when you want but it would be a bolder daytime choice.  

Bottega Veneta  Eau de Velours is  $155 (2.5oz), $118 (1.7oz) and $89 (1.0 oz) at Nordstrom 

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