Sunday, July 8, 2018

CK One Summer 2018

CK ONE Summer is back with the 2018 edition.

This year it's a fab blod  blue bottle.  While I've always been  so - so with the fragrances, I love the bottles and this year's is the best yet.

CK ONE Summer is  a new version  although one that stays close to previous versions.  Scent wise I've often been so- so with this but it's very much a refreshing , cool fragrance that works well in the heat.  

The EDT begins with citrus ( lime mojito acc. to the brand) and cedarwood notes.  Pineapple and guava are also listed but on me they really didn't register much. And I would love to clock that pineapple note. As it dries down it gets lighter and less masculine with some barely there dewy florals and coconut milk.  That last note starts to bring the mojito reference  and that makes this a great, easy to wear Summer scent . 

As always,  there is an atomizer packed separately , so you can use as a splash or spray. 

CK One Summer 2018 is  $ 58 at Macys for 3.4 oz

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