Sunday, September 2, 2018

Calvin Klein Women Perfume

Calvin Klein Women is the newest CK pillar fragrance in awhile and the  first under their new designer Raf Simons. 

It's a woodsy floral with main notes of  eucalyptus, black pepper, cedarwood , magnolia, jasmine and ambroxan. It's herbal and soapy clean to my nose with  the eucalyptus and ambroxan coming on strong with only a light hint of the florals  and a burst of black pepper spice. It's a fairly quiet , easy to wear scent but you must like ambroxan or it won't be your cup of tea. 

Despite the name Women this is a very unisex fragrance . It's got medium sillage and lasting power.  

The bottle cap here is very unique . It's plexiglass like  and not super sturdy  but has a sense of whimsy and I do really  like the eye illusration. 

Calvin Klein Women is  $65 (30ml), $84 (50ml) and $106 (100ml) at Macy’s 

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