Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Soap & Glory Magnifi -Coco Bodycare

Just in time for the warmer weather and all your Summer fun comes  Soap & Glory's new line fragranced with Magnifi- Coco .

The scent is a light, fresh coconutty one. It's not heavy and not pina colada territory. The brand describes it as a "clean" scent and that fits.   The scent is nice and easy to wear. It won't overpower or be too strong but it's definitely very coconut, so you'll need to like that type of fragrance.

A Cream Come True  is a shimmering whipped body cream that really hydrates. It also has a good bit of pearlescent shimmer . It's pretty when used to highlight legs  and shoulders . Coconut and Rosa Canina fruit oils along with shea and cocoa butters and glycerin. ( $ 15)

Drop In  The Lotion is as you might have guessed, a body lotion.  It's  pretty light feeling but adds plenty of hydration along with a subtle fragrance. Skin feels softened right off and it's not sticky but sinks in fast. Ingredients include almond and coconut oils, shea butter and green tea extract. ( $ 12)

Buff and Ready is the body scrub and used coconut shells and jojoba beads . This smells more fruity than the rest. ( $ 15)

There is also a coordinating body wash called Clean A Colada.

Soap and Glory  Magnifi- Coco is  currently exclusive to Ulta but the brand is also available at Target,  Walgreens and online at the brand's website.

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