Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Gucci Eternite De Beaute Luminous Matte Finish Foundation


Gucci has released a new foundation , it's matte like the previous formula but this time a luminous matte- Eternite De Beaute 24HR Wear Breathable Foundation Luminous Matte Finish

I have the older version Fluide de Beaute Fini Naturel so I can tell you they are different. It does look like maybe the Fini Naturel is being phased out too as it's not showing up many place for sale. The new version has a cream colored cap where the older is the Gucci pink that a lot of their packaging sports.

The new Eternite De Beaute Luminous Matte foundation is a beauty . I like it better than the former version. It is what it says - luminous and matte. Not a flat matte and not a dry matte which the earlier version was a little . This one gives you a good glow up without any shimmer, pearl or mica. There's no actual shine you just look brightened. It is full coverage , I don't even feel the need for concealer even under my eyes. That area could have used a little but without it , just the foundation, it was still pretty good.

The formula has glycerin early on in the ingredient list and hyaluronic acid further down . So it does have hydrators and that gives it a more creamy feel on the face than some mattes. It wears very well, the longwear claim is true, without oxidizing and or fading all day. I did feel like I have makeup on , it's lightweight but not a barely there feeling. Again this is truly full coverage though and I love a full coverage foundation so it works for me.

This will be my warm weather foundation , it is a little more matte than I can use right now , my skin is combo but drier in the non T Zone areas . This needs a good moisturizer beforehand if you're not oily. If you are you'll be fine as is. In Summer this will be spot on for my humidity sticky, oilier skin.

Gucci rarely disappoints with their makeup and this is another win in my beauty book.

*gifted, sample from brand*

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