Thursday, June 8, 2023

Blue Lizard Sheer Lotion Sunscreen


The Memorial Day weekend is here in the US and it's become the signal that summer is here or almost here. It means being outside more, sunnier days and lots of sunscreen.

I've been trying out the Blue Lizard @bluelizardsunscreen line of mineral based sunscreens . I have the Sheer Lotion versions for Face and Body Broad Spectrum 50+ with blue light protection.
These are both a pretty thick sunscreen. You will feel them on until they are rubbed in but once set they don't feel super heavy and they blend in easily. There is a slight white cast initially but that does fade. I'm pretty fair so once I rubbed them in and a few minutes went by, I didn't notice much of a cast on me. The box does say " dries clear" and for a heavy mineral SPF I think they do pretty well in that area.

I haven't used them on my face as these are very moisturizing, so even the face one will be too much for my oily, sticky face in summer. They both have shea butter, aloe leaf juice , papaya, ginko and cucumber extracts, and vegetable, marula and rosa canina seed oils. That makes them both very creamy and adding a good bit of moisture along with SPF. I love using them ( yes the face one too) on my arms especially because there I can use the moisture .

The Face SPF is titanium dioxide 9% and zinc 6% face
The Body SPF is titanium dioxide 9% and zinc 8%

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