Thursday, May 16, 2013

CK One Street Editon Shine Lipstick in Tagged

A lippie that's finding itself in the main rotation lately  and one I am pretty sure will be a summer staple is the  new CK One Shine Lipstick in Tagged from the Street Edition collection.

This is a most unusual pick for me since I rarely go near  pinks. They are just not me. This one however is. It's very watermelon or fruit punch and gives a nice pop of color but isn't  really what I would call bold.  For Summer, it's the perfect swipe and go shade.

The CK One Shine formula is a glossy lipstick , and very creamy with a lot of moisture. Pigment is good,  semi sheer to medium and there is shimmer. It doesn't last super long on lips which is typical of this type, but does leave behind a stain when it wears off.

I also like the fun graphics on the tube  courtesy of NYC  graffiti artist, Miss 163,
and  you can also get those  on your nails with the matching nail polish strips in Graffiti.

CK One cosmetics are available at Ulta and  CK One Shine Lipstick is $ 16 ( Full shade line available in regular packaging).


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