Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Frédéric Malle Rubber Incense

It's always fun to find a unique  product that also dovetails with one of your favorite things, hence this new scented fragrance mat from Frédéric Malle.

Called Rubber Incense , I am totally intrigued by this. Malle released these in a very limited run three years ago and  now he has tweaked the design  and  brought out new versions  . They are made of recyclable EVA  and infused with fragrance for the home.

Not only will they  scent small spaces like a closet , in the car ( chicest air freshener ever, no ?)  , or at your desk,  but I imagine sitting my cup of warm tea on the mat and letting the scent heat up and waft even more. Needless to say I really want to try one, especially Russian Nights or Jurassic Flower. Ahh , the smell of magnolia.

The four aromas available are:

  • Russian Nights- evokes a polar chill
  • Jurassic Flower-reproduces the citrus-like waft of Magnolias, 
  • Rosa Rugosa -transports you to wild rose bushes that grow against the wind of the Atlantic coast
  • Marius & Jeannette- infuses the minty freshness and anise side of Pastis.

 Frédéric Malle Rubber Incense is $ 110 and are available at Editions de Parfums in NYC, shop.fredericmalle.com , Barneys New York and barneys.com

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