Sunday, May 12, 2013

MAC Golden Elixir Strobe Liquid

Strobe Liquid in the original is one I've used off and on for years. More than anything I use it on my legs . When you've forgotten or didn't have time to self  tan, it gives gams a little bit of shimmer  for a you but  but better look.  It's a time honored backstage trick.

New Golden Elixir Strobe Liquid  will work that way but even  better since it imparts  a light tint of tan  bronze. It's  sheer but does make a difference.

Use on face to highlight or all over ( it's light enough to not be too much), on decollete , arms and legs.  It's creamy  and lightly moisturizing with  a bit of shimmer.  The shimmer is not heavy, it lights you up and gives you a nice glow. Like you've been at the beach all day lounging  or someone asked you if you weight when you haven't .

Golden Elixir Strobe Liquid is $ 31 and part  of Temperature Rising due on May 23rd.

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