Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Netherlands Coronation and Queen Maxima

If you are a royal watcher as I am , then yesterday was a very big day. We saw the Dutch throne of the House of Orange-Nassua being handed over from resigning Queen Beatrix to her son Willem -Alexander . The Dutch do this as a normal thing. The monarch abdicates in favor of their heir when they feel it's time to step down.

The new king's wife the former Crown Princess, now Queen, Maxima is one of my favorite royals. She hails from Argentina and  has the most high wattage smile , which is often on. She also loves jewelry and isn't afraid to wear a lot of the baubles at her disposal. She piles it on , which if I were a princess or queen would be just how I would do it. Let me  in that vault. Now that she is queen I imaghine we'll see even more bling brought out. Somehow on her it never seems in your face or overkill . She wears it well.  For royalty,  both Maxima and her husband seem rather down to earth. Or as much as one could be in their situation.

For the investiture ceremony ( less pomp and formality than a British one would be) Maxima wore not only a cobalt blue dress but a matching, swoon worthy cape by Jan Tamaniau .  And then there's the huge sapphire tiara.  The perfect complement , no ?

Completing the day were the new King and Queens three blonde daughters , all in blue as well . Princesses Amalia, the future queen, Alexia and Arianne.

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