Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Lovely Lilac

It's the lilac season, one that's all too short but so beautiful. It's an instant ahhh when I  take a whiff of my lilacs. They are almost  done his year's blooming but if you want to keep that scent going all year there are a few fragrant options.

Lilac is a scent that isn't captured easily in fragrances but my favorite is Frederic Malle En Passant. Before I even sniffed it I knew I would want it and it was my first Malle fragrance. It's such a fresh lilac . Based on white lilac,  it does have other notes and I get the bread or wheat note listed , but only a little and it in no way detracts from the lilac.

Another favorite is the lilac powder by Caswell Massey. When I saw they had powder in lilac  it was an instant must have.  Unfortunately it looks to be discontinued now. There are a few on Amazon still left.

Ineke's  After My Own Heart is a gorgeous fragrance , mainly lilac but not completely. Beautiful and  soft with  green notes , it's very much of the season, and is the kind of scent that lifts you on a  warm but rainy day.

Elizabeth W out of San Francisco also makes a lilac fragrance but it's not one I've smelled. I have heard other perfumistas talk about  it with praise, though.

Enjoy the fragrances of Spring and do share if you have a  lilac I haven't encountered yet.

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