Thursday, May 30, 2013

mark Mesh Together Necklace

 Looking for a necklace that will sizzle up any outfit and make a statement? The Mesh Together necklace from mark just might be what you need.  Part of the Marrakesh collection , it's got an exotic look that will go with a basic  v neck tee, pullover tunic , simple summer dress and more.

Like all of the mark pieces I've seen, this is heavy metal , not lightweight plastic.  The necklace is 12 " long,  a 9 " drop with a 3 1/2 " extender. It hangs down almost into your cleavage  hooked close to the end . It can pulled up closer if you want.

Mesh Together has presence and can easily be the only piece of jewelry you might need on a night out, but will also , ahem, mesh, with a group of thin bangles on your arm.

$ 26 at

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