Tuesday, May 14, 2013

mark Marrakesh Fragrance

One of the things you notice first with the newest fragrance from mark,  Marrakesh,  is the bottle. Ok that's usually the case with any scent but this bottle is one that's very showy with it's openwork golden orb topper and look of Arabian Nights .

Marrakesh  has a very warm weather feel with it's scent of  jasmine and orange blossom  for a white floral blend that reminds of tiare and has the coconut feel that can come with that.  The cardamom note adds a bit of  spice.

It  begins  rather sweet but once the full drydown is reached , the cardamom has asserted itself enough to add some dryness. The scent is is not heavy but not super light either .

It's not always easy to find a fragrance that is inexpensive but also not overrun with  musk and fruit . Marrakesh isn't and is nicely priced .

Find it at www.meetmark.com  for $ 24 in a 1.7 oz EDT

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